FAQ - Spotlist Player


How do I track my stream count?

The best way to track your streams is through the Spotify for Artists website.


How long before I start seeing streams on my songs?

Once a submission is received, it takes us up to 24 hours to submit it to playlists on Spotify. After that, we expect up to an additional 24 hours to start generating streams, so after about 48 hours you should begin to see streams.


Why is this a monthly subscription?

Having a monthly plan allows us to continually push your music to new, emerging playlists. This results in more streams and more relevant traffic on your music.


My music isn't getting enough streams.

People listen to playlists at different times throughout the day, stream counts will naturally fluctuate.


How can I see which playlists my music is on?

Because we submit music to a variety of playlists, we don't have a consistent list. We are working on a way to display the active playlists in rotation, which will be available on our home page soon.


Can I change the tracks I have on Spotlist?

Yes, but you will need to cancel your current subscription and resubmit via our home page.


For any questions about payment or membership, please contact us below. Please allow 24-48 hours response time.